Who We Are

The Public Sector Reform Secretariat (PSRS) has a strategic and technical back-stopping role. The primary responsibilities of the PSRS will focus on coordination, financial management, procurement, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting. In a nutshell, it has oversight, coordination and reporting functions.

The Secretariat will play a facilitation role (provide support in the implementation of Cabinet decisions vis-à-vis reforms) and will, primarily, (i) identify and retain expertise to be accessed by Implementing Agencies (IAs), in the form of consultant database, vendor list, library/documentation centre and general advice/across board assistance; and (ii) identify and locate financial resources for reform interventions.


Excellence in public service delivery that will lead to job creation and putting food on people’s tables


To coordinate, support and facilitate public sector reforms for efficient and effective service delivery and utilization of public resources


  • To provide strategic focus and coordination in public sector reform;
  • To spearhead the development of various capacities in the Public Services; and
  • To facilitate the achievement of the following development agenda priorities: job creation, food security, good governance, compact and efficient public service and public-private sector strategic partnerships.
  • enhance efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of services to the